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You're a professional adult...

You are plagued with anxiety. You're overwhelmed and have trouble focusing. Racing thoughts keep you up at night. You aim for perfection and always feel you're falling short. You're not eating well and can't get around to exercising.


You're a young adult...

You are struggling to figure out who you are and find your place in an unpredictable world. You're overwhelmed by school stress, relationship problems and career decisions. On social media, your life looks great but in reality, you find it hard to connect with others. You feel empty inside and worried about the future.

Dr. Sarah Fajgenbaum-Teslja

Board Certified Psychiatrist

I’m Dr. Sarah Fajgenbaum-Teslja, a Board Certified Psychiatrist and founder of Integrative Psychiatric Services, a boutique private practice which pairs high-quality, personalized mental health care with comfort and convenience. I’ve named the practice Integrative Psychiatric Services, because I offer the full range of tools to help you manage stress, improve your mood, focus better and feel healthy.

I have over a decade of experience treating adults and older adolescents with anxiety, depression and ADHD. I provide a blend of modern medicine, talk therapy, lifestyle coaching and complementary treatments. I will take the time to assess you thoroughly, make an accurate diagnosis and design a treatment plan specifically for you. Over the course of treatment, I will work closely with you to ensure your success!

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How I Can Help…

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It's Simple with My 3-Step Plan For Success

1.‎ ‎ ‎ ‎Free 15-Minute Consultation

Within a week, you’ll meet with me via tele-health to discuss your problems and learn how I can help.

2.‎ ‎ ‎ ‎Initial Evaluation

You will receive an in-depth assessment, accurate diagnosis and treatment plan designed specifically for you.

3.‎ ‎ ‎ ‎Regular Follow-Ups

Regular follow-ups will help you feel better fast.

Benefits of working with me

In-Depth Assessments

I take the time to assess you thoroughly in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Personalized Care

I consider your unique genetics, health history and lifestyle as well as your life experiences, and thinking patterns to formulate an individualized treatment plan that works for you.

An Integrative Approach

I offer you the full range of tools to ensure long-term success. This includes medication and talk therapy, lifestyle coaching, and complementary treatments like light therapy, breathing techniques and nutritional supplements.

Comfort and Convenience

I’m available to meet with you in person or via tele-health. I offer evening and weekend appointments to fit your schedule.


My secure patient portal is available 24/7 for you to message me, and access appointment and billing information. Message me directly and get a response within 1 business day.

Your comfort is important to me.

I am available to talk with you directly via secure web meetings.

New office is now open in Montclair, NJ

The doors are now open, I invite you to come visit my new office!

New Jersey Online Psychiatric Appointments With Dr. Sarah Fajgenbaum-Teslja Board Certified Psychiatrist

I know that finding quality mental healthcare is a challenge. Your mental health matters and I’m here to help. I’m a board-certified psychiatrist with over a decade of experience helping adults and older adolescents feel their best.

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