The Psychiatry Mentorship Program

A 1:1 mentorship program led by Dr. Sarah Fajgenbaum-Teslja, a board-certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist with over a decade of experience practicing Psychiatry.

Are you a doctor or nurse practitioner struggling to manage your patients’ mental health? Do you find it difficult to make the right diagnosis? Do you long to treat your patients holistically instead of with a medication-only approach? Do you want a profitable and satisfying career that allows you to enrich your patients’ lives and your own?

Why choose the Psychiatry Mentorship Program?

Many psychiatric conditions have similar symptoms and different psychiatric conditions frequently co-occur. This makes it challenging to provide accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment recommendations.

  • Acquire the tools to make accurate diagnoses.
  • Avoid misdiagnoses by learning to differentiate between psychopathologies with overlapping symptoms. 
  • Avoiding missing important diagnoses by learning to pick up the subtle signs of easy-to-miss diagnoses like adult ADHD, bipolar spectrum, autism spectrum, eating disorders and more.

Many commonly used psychiatric medications carry serious risks. Benzodiazepines and stimulants can cause dependence. Atypical antipsychotics can result in metabolic syndrome. Mood stabilizers can lead to organ damage, birth defects and many other risks. 

  • Learn to manage psychiatric medication in a safe and effective way, minimizing risks, and maximizing results.
  • Learn to integrate non-pharmacological treatments into your practice to increase your success and patient satisfaction.

Patients are often dissatisfied with their psychiatric treatment, leading to low adherence and poor outcomes.

  • Learn to practice psychiatry in a safer, more patient-centered, and holistic way.

Practitioners in the field of medicine frequently experience burn-out and low job satisfaction.

  • Gain confidence in your skills, become a sought-after medical practitioner, and earn a salary commensurate with the care that you provide. 

I’m Dr. Sarah Fajgenbaum-Teslja, a board-certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Over the past decade, I’ve worked with thousands of patients to help manage their moods, anxiety and focusing problems. I’ve mastered the skills of psychiatry and taught these skills to the residents and nurse practitioners on my team. I’m passionate about providing high quality patient care and teaching other doctors and nurses to do the same. I believe that by mastering the skills of psychiatry, you can build a satisfying career that allows you to enrich your patients’ lives as well as your own. 

Whether you are a PGY-4 psychiatry resident, a recent psychiatry residency or fellowship graduate, a primary care physician, a PMHNP or other nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant, in 10 weeks of 1:1 mentorship, I can help you master the skills of Psychiatry. 

Let’s get started!

Schedule a free 15-minute meet-and-greet with Dr. Sarah Fajgenbaum-Teslja via video conference to learn more about the program and decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Program Overview

  • Review your most challenging cases.
  • Learn the most useful screening tools and rating scales for making accurate diagnoses.
  • Discuss appropriate medication options, including safe dosages and titration schedules.
  • Learn to incorporate the tools of integrative psychiatry into your practice, including psychotherapy, lifestyle interventions and evidence-based complementary treatments such as breathing techniques, light therapy and nutritional supplements. 

Program Tuition

$5995 for 10 weekly hour-long 1:1 mentoring sessions via video.